Singing is a Natural Medicine for Life!

Singing is a Natural Medicine for Life!

03/02/2022 Off By Irene Walsh

Like you, I spent hours trying to figure out how to increase my vocal range without spending thousands of dollars on classes. All I wanted to know was how to sing another octave…

That’s how it happened to me! I started singing “late” in my life. When I was growing up, my parents played music regularly. They encouraged me to learn various tools, which I did and loved. However, I always wanted to sing, but I couldn’t.

So, now that I’m over thirty, I decided to give it a try, but it’s expensive. After a while, I traded my way for music lessons. It was fun and all, but sometimes I had a job and I couldn’t go.

In short, I wanted to learn, but there was always an excuse. So, I decided that there must be something there that can help me. I was convinced that I wasn’t the only one going through this.

The program covers the basics. Of course, if you want to become a professional, you will need to train with advanced teachers. However, it’s a great start for anyone who wants to sing. In addition, they cover various singing styles.

That’s when I read the Singorama review, and it changed everything!

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