UV Protection Shade Sail

UV Protection Shade Sail

20/04/2021 Off By Elin Schlaeger

The rectangular awnings are made of 100% high density polyethylene fabric with UV protection (100% HDPE). This canopy can block up to 95% of harmful UV rays, keep you cool and healthy in hot summer. Awnings protect your children, flowers, plants and cars from direct sunlight.

These canopies are designed with permeable fabric, which allows cool breezes and light to pass through for a better airy and comfortable space. The canopy also allows the rains to pass through so there is no accumulated water on rainy days (so it is not waterproof). All the edges of the awning are slightly curved, so it can be stretched tightly to prevent the middle from sagging.

Each corner is sewn with 304 stainless steel D-rings on the nylon band and the edges are double-folded and sewn into reinforced corners. Stitch tight and neat Curved edge design to increase shade sail traction and prevent sagging.

90% of UV sun shade sail blocks significantly reduce diagonal temperature and UV sunlight during the summer months and resist both water and UV rays on rainy days.

Widely used in patios, gardens, patios, lawns, pools, children playgrounds, barbecue areas and other outdoor areas where you enjoy time for outdoor gatherings to create privacy for your patio.

The outdoor awning can be applied on multiple occasions: on a patio, lawn, garden, patio, swimming pool, barbecue areas, pond, patio, porch, pergola, entrance, terrace, patio, park, garage or any other outdoor area free to keep you cool in summer.

The breathable material allows water and air to pass through freely, so the material is not waterproof. Reject recycled material, healthier and safer.
All edges are constructed with double layer reinforced stitching, avoid frayed edges and out of shape. The stainless steel D-ring is rust resistant.
Fulfill your needs to bring your creative ideas to life. Gathered more shade sails in any outdoor area no matter how big it is, such as patio, lawn, garden, backyard, pool, pond, pergola, deck, driveway and so on. You will love the outdoors so much more.


UV Protection Shade Sail