Your Assistant Who Will Always Have Time for You

Your Assistant Who Will Always Have Time for You

02/02/2022 Off By Irene Walsh

First introduced in 1998, this unique series is dedicated to presenting the human figure in such a way that it allows a deeper understanding of form, outline and gestures. For both professional and art students, a series of virtual poses is the next best option for working with a live model and an ideal reference point for amateur artists who do not have access to studio sessions.

To achieve the goal, the Virtual Pose is designed to facilitate the journey of discovery by allowing the artist to smoothly rotate the model 360 degrees at will. This approach gives artists, painters and sculptors the next best thing in a living model, while at the same time allowing the mind to create a better representation of the subject in an intuitive, simple and elegant way.

There is no greater pleasure or challenge in the art world than drawing a human figure. This guide will help you put your pleasure into practice.

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